1 pants and 10 looks.

I was wondering about, how I could creat TEN looks with one unique pants! And the answer came out like a boom! And probably you´re asking yourself, “WTF is he writing in English?!”, the answer? I don’t know, but I had the wish. So I did it!

Sometimes is good to have new ideas, good ones, obviously! Well, fashion makes me feel a bit odd, a bit nervous, a bit concerned about, WHERE IS FASHION WAY TO DEAL WITH NEW THINGS IS GOING? Deal with new ways to think, to do, to create. Is not all about what fashion is? Be creative? Look forward? Be yourself? I do pretend that everybody knows what is new, and what can be new in Fashion. And also what cannot be copy – unfortunately everything is being copied. Not reviewed, but copied, that makes me feel so sorry about Triton, who copied Prada’s 2012 style.

Fonte: Reprodução

Fonte: Reprodução

The colors are the same, the shape, the intention, well, unless prada has forgotten how Brazilianess is now high, or should I say that is it the opposite? That Triton saw Prada’s runway first the copied? must find it!


Speaking about Prada, have a look in this AMAZING campaign made for Fall Winter 2012! Spetacular!

There are so many people who declare themselfs as it-persons that makes me puke! Really! THERE ARE NO IT-F*CKING-PERSON, IT-F*CKING-BAGS OR IT-F*CKING SHOES, for me, everything is equal. We should have confident in ourselfs when choosing a nice outfit, or accessory to compose the look that we´ve choosen! That’s all what Fashion means to me.

Don’t follow the rules, unless all make sense for you! That’s why I tried to do in 10 looks whit a transparent white pants. go forth!

What defines you is your style and yours unique ideas!

Fonte: Looklet

Fonte: Looklet


Desculpem, esse post será apenas em Inglês!


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